Simulation bindings to connect arbitrary autopilot stacks and simulators.

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Welcome to Simulationkit

Simulationkit is an easy to use API to connect robotic simulators (not limited to drones) to software-in-the-loop (SITL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) instances of the robot software. It currently supports MAVLink and ROS bindings.


Our first release focuses on the MAVLink Protocol / API

Supported Simulators

Simulationkit currently supports the jMAVSim and Gazebo simulators.


The PX4 Flight Stack and AutoQuad are using Simulationkit to interface to their autopilots.

Authors and Contributors

Simulationkit is maintained by @LorenzMeier (PX4) and @mpaperno (AutoQuad).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Simulationkit? Contact us on our Gitter Simulationkit channel!